Sports Ministry


Throughout the world there are women and children who feel abandoned  abused beaten, hungry and forgotten.

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International Sports Ministry

Our team at HPI believe that an successful and long-term strategy to the problem of poverty cannot be reached through short term initiatives or putting a band aid on deeper issues. A transformed community begins with a holistic plan for transformed individuals.  Poverty must be approached as a far-reaching and multi-faceted issue that needs to be attacked at its root. At Hope Partners International, we believe that a source of poverty exists within a lack of opportunity, and in order to end poverty, you must start with the creation of opportunity on an individual level.

Hope Partners has a deep belief that you can encourage children in impoverished areas of Central America to excel in the classroom by using sports as a motivational initiative for success. We know in our hearts and through experience that extra-curricular activities are essential to growth in both character and academics.  It is a life on life mentoring plan.

In addition to the educational benefits that sports provide, we believe that every child deserves a chance to use their natural talents on the field as a vehicle for change in their own lives. The children of Central America, in countries like Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama possess the talent that, when properly nurtured, will blossom into a promising future for each individual and for the future.