Health Solutions


Meeting the urgent medical needs facing the poor and the systemic health and hygiene issues.

Medical Care

Hope Partners was created to serve the health needs of the urban and rural poor. In urban and remote areas of Central America, inhabitants lack the most basic of medical services. It is the objective of the Hope Center to provide quality medical care while developing sustainable health services.

Hope Partners has a long-standing commitment to the world’s most remote poor as we began in countries like Albania and Kenya.  We will endeavor to improve the healthcare infrastructure for urban and remote areas in a way that empowers people to cultivate their community.

The development of medical care facilities in the Hope Center along with Mobil Health Care Vehicles is a standing priority.

The medical team in Costa Rica will require health practitioners in pediatrics, internal medicine, emergency medicine, obstetrics/ gynecology, ophthalmology, dentistry, and nursing. An additional focus is volunteers with a health care background to survey the slums and provide an understanding and strategy for rebuilding communities.

The teams will treat patients during five-day clinics. Each clinic will treat a variety of medical issues addressed ranging from routine healthy checkups, simple colds, skin rashes, back pain and upset stomachs to more serious medical problems.  Gynecologic services include pregnancy testing, prenatal exams, and education on HIV prevention.  In addition, all children ages 1-10 are treated to eliminate worms and parasites. Health education teaching sessions will be held for patients as they wait to be seen, covering such topics as water purification, hand washing to prevent disease, and proper dental care. Vitamins, toiletries, toothbrushes and health-education materials will be distributed to each family.