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The Poor – Food

Measuring poverty at the country level

A common method used to measure poverty is based on incomes or consumption levels. A person is considered poor if his or her consumption or income level falls below some minimum level necessary to meet basic needs. This minimum level is usually called the “poverty line”. What is necessary to satisfy basic needs varies across time and societies. Therefore, poverty lines vary in time and place, and each country uses lines which are appropriate to its level of development, societal norms and values.

When estimating poverty worldwide, the same reference poverty line has to be used, and expressed in a common unit across countries. Therefore, for the purpose of global aggregation and comparison, the World Bank uses reference lines set at $1.25 and $2 per day (2005 Purchasing Power Parity terms).

What the Poor Say: Poverty is pain; it feels like a disease. It attacks a person not only materially but also morally. It eats away one’s dignity and drives one into total despair- a poor woman, Moldova.

The pattern of findings from across countries is similar and striking. Poor people describe repeatedly and in distressing detail what has only been glimpsed before, the psychological experience and impact of poverty. The trends are sobering. The large majority of poor who are poor people said they are worse off now, have fewer economic opportunities, and live with greater insecurity than in the past. Poor peoples experiences with government institutions in Costa Rica is limited. An overwhelming need with Costa Rican Nationals who really have never walked in a slum at anytime in their lives. The presence of NGOs in the slums of Costa Rica is inconsistent and where present they are vital.

The Good Life and the Bad Life

Being well means not to worry about your children, to know that they have settled down; to have a house and livestock and not to wake up at night when the dog starts barking; to know that you can sell your output; to sit and chat with friends and neighbors. A middle aged man in Bulgaria.

A better life for me is to be healthy, peaceful and to live in love without hunger. Love is more than anything. Money has no value in the absence of love. A poor older woman in Ethiopia.