The Power of Education


Priority of Education releases the paralysis of poverty!

Educational Opportunities

Costa Rica has great challenges to overcome with the poor, mostly displaced Nicaraguans but also Hondurans, Guatemalans and Costa Ricans.  The poverty levels are 37 per cent at the poverty line and 23 per cent in extreme poverty.

We believe education, economic opportunity,  medical care,  and spiritual transformation are critical to sustainable transformation in poverty challenged zones.

The Educational Situation in Central America

It is hardly arguable that in today’s world, the accessibility of a good education is the most important means by which those living in slums can overcome their economic challenges and close the class gap between the rich and poor.  It is with that improvement in education that democratic principles can flourish. While progress has been made within the last thirty years, in comparison to other Latin American countries, Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama) fairs poorly in its education achievements; and falls even further behind the rest of the world. The countries of Central America vary in great detail in their complex histories, cultural uniqueness, and widespread poverty. Three of the countries, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua have experienced bloody civil wars, and have forcibly displaced predominately women and children to countries like Costa Rica.

Educational opportunities must be given and a Hope Center is ground zero in a slum that provides the necessary hope and stability for these impoverished people.