About Hope Partners International



Hope Partners International (HPI) grew out of an organization born in 1970, Legacy Ministries International (LMI). Primarily a Bible-focused ministry of edification, LMI has expanded its mission over the years to incorporate evangelism, discipleship, and Christian education. Most notably, LMI has called attention to the historical relevance of Scripture by organizing and conducting major expositions of biblical antiquities. In 2009, LMI entered into a long-term alliance with Azusa Pacific University (APU) to establish a center dedicated to telling the story of God’s Word and honoring its legacy. The LMI/APU mission continues to move forward, concentrating on key events and exhibitions. Subsequent to the first two exhibitions in 2010, the LMI board of directors decided to incorporate all other elements of the ministry under the banner of Hope Partners International.


The mission of Hope Partners International is expressed most succinctly in six words:Sharing Faith. Giving Hope. Showing Love. This three-fold mission is carried out through ministries of evangelism and discipleship (Sharing Faith), ministries of prayer and encouragement (Giving Hope), and ministries of care and compassion (Showing Love). All of these ministries coalesce in a bold vision to express faith, hope and love to people across the nation and around the globe.


Hope Partners International is blessed with an insightful board of directors who serve with great dedication. On a day-to-day basis, HPI is led by three individuals with nearly a century of combined ministry experience:


Andy Stimer

Kirk Nowery

Anthony Naimo

Andy Stimer, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Kirk Nowery, Chief Strategic Officer