For the most part, slums were birthed from a tragedy. War, famine, slavery, natural disasters, extreme poverty, have been a catalyst to forcibly displacing people (80% Women and Children) in their own countries or to neighboring countries. Living on land illegally, erecting cardboard and metal shacks, tents or lean to’s, dirt floors, little or no running water, open sewers, children living on barely one meal of rice and beans a day, rape, fear and abuses of all kinds begins with a few and can become over a million people as in Kibera and Kwangware Slums in Kenya, Africa. Living below the ‘extreme poverty’ level by U.N. standards ($1.25 a day) women are forced into slavery, sex trafficking or just giving up. Suicide rates are the highest in slums among all people groups and sustainable strategies for hope and change are seldom in place. In Central America slave labor and human trafficking is exploding. In Costa Rica’s Central Valley (San Jose) there are 120 slums documented with more than 170,000 mostly women in children living in these conditions.

A Hope Center is a sustainable strategy for change and hope inside the slum. Slums of 50 families to more than 100,000 people need a Hope Center. A place where wholistic transformation can take place. Food, medical care, education and rehabilitation, church planting, agricultural development, health and hygiene are taught and sports development can take place. Its a life on life strategy, a place where compassion is found, where tools for life are given and modeled.


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HOPE CENTER Provides Hope

1. Food

2. Clean Water

3. Medical Care

4. Education

5. Life Training Solutions

6. Children’s Sports Ministries